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Happy Birthday, Jack! We are joined our hearts to congratulate you from different corners of our country. We hope you’ll enjoy this day, like any other day of your life, ‘cause it has to be special for such an unusual, radiant person. Be brave, be artistic and inspiring. Be yourself and don’t let a thing stop you.
We can’t wait to finally see “ILLUSION”, which seems to be awesome already. It’s so thrilling and exciting we could not stay away, as you can see. Surely we’ll reach the target together to see what you’ve been worked on so hard. Let your (and our) dream come true!
Best wishes!

Thanks for participation:

Victoria Schneider
Katerina Holmanskaya
Daria Romanovskaya
Maria Petrova
Alisa Kaplan
Alexey Kuznetsov
Alexandra Weissweber
Niki MrDopeStar

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[Yu and Strify Russian Fan Support]

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